The Super Flattering Snapper?

Oh ho! Off with beloved to meet a photographer to talk wedding pictures today.

I toyed with the idea of using my sister (who’s pretty good behind the lens) as a money-saving tactic, but felt the idea was unfair on her. You don’t really want your family ‘working’ on your wedding day, do you? And imagine experiencing that horrible pressure to produce great pics when snapping isn’t your day job…

So, off to discuss options with James Solly, a very talented photographer I have worked with in the past (I work in PR) to discuss what we want. Now, photographers can be very good at things we amateurs aren’t so great at, such as composition, pics in focus and artistic, attention-grabbing shots – but what does every bride and groom REALLY want, do you think?

See what I mean re amateur photographers?!

“Dear photographer, just make me look young and thin in my wedding pictures pretty, pretty please.”

On the continued theme of lowering the heart beat per minute rate, my diet coke consumption continues unabated (woe!), but in the past few days I’ve squeezed in a run, an exercise DVD (Jennifer Ellison’s – it’s flippin’ HARD) and a power plate session. Go me!

Confessions of a Coke Addict

Continuing with the goal of achieving a less than 60bpm heart rate, I’m looking at incorporating a bit more cardio into my life. It’s dry outside and therefore a run should beckon, but I’m procrastinating by writing a blog post instead… Hey ho.

There is plenty of good info out there about goal setting. It’s not enough to say, I want to be fitter/thinner/richer/fluent in Spanish – you’ve got to be SMART about it. So it has to be a specific goal (having a heart beat rate of less than 60bpm), measurable (the under 60 thing), achievable (hmm!), realistic (double hmm!) and timely (by May 9).


Oops, another one down the hatch

Get thee from me Satan

Another way to bring down the beats per minute would probably be to reduce caffeine. And this could also lead to substantial money saving for me. Out there is a whole lot of people like me – the diet coke addicts who guzzle too much of the brown fizzy stuff every day. If you want to feel less alone in your addiction, check out these various forums, Ms Morphosis, Psychology Today and Sorey Fitness and pick up tips to help kick the habit.

As is often the case with diet coke habits, I’m particular about only liking diet coke in plastic bottles. So my habit currently costs me approximately £4 per day (£28 a week, £112 a month). Oh yikes, how truly horrifying. While I’m working out a budget for my wedding and cutting costs by not coughing up for seat covers (yes, they tend not to be included in what you get from your venue), I could probably cover the seats in pure Chinese silk from the money I spend on diet coke. Yikes indeed.

Can the Olympics Motivate You?

If you hadn’t already noticed, the London Olympic Games begins tomorrow…

Really, my interest in sport tallies with my interest in economic theory – zilch. (Except gymnastics perhaps, for the sheer wonder of what some people can do with their bodies.) I did, however, read today that the resting heart rate of athletes is usually below 60 beats per minute. Is this something, I wondered, the ordinary bod can achieve?

And where, pray tell, does this fit into a wedding blog? Bear with me on this one as it’s kind of tenuous… I’m tying the Olympics theme into my blog with a vaguely sporty goal. Could I possibly reduce my resting heart rate to under 60, say in time for my wedding next May?

You could describe this as an inner double bluff. I’m telling myself that achieving such a target will make me fit & healthy and that I’ll have the stamina to cope with the inevitably busy week that will be part of getting married. What my real motivation is – surely all the work needed to achieve a resting heart beat rate of such slowness is going to require lots of cardio (weight loss!) and sweating (great skin!).

A not entirely anatomically correct pic of a heart

And there we have it. Bride wants to be slimmer and look good for wedding shocker! Watch this space – the journey to the 60 beats per minute heart rate could prove interesting. And you can find out more about the best exercises for stamina and sweating here while The Great Fitness Experiment blog is great for reading about new fitness ideas as tried and tested out by an ordinary person.

Auld Claes and Porridge

Lucky old me! I got to go to the wedding of dear friends at the weekend. They’d gone down the home-made wedding lines – held in the village hall which they’d decorated, favours made from home-grown pansies nestling in cleaned tin cans, caterers brought in and the best man doubling up as an MC.

It was spectacularly LOVELY; but dear reader I don’t have the patience… I’ll be opting for the hotel doing the organising for me.

Anyway, it was a weekend of a lot of indulgence – fizz, red wine, chocolates, cupcakes… etc. As it’s Monday, I’m back to the auld claes and porridge as they say in the Western Isles (it basically means a return to sobriety and plain food following the excesses of Christmas and New Year and isn’t it just lovely?)


Eating ‘clean’ home-grown carrots and little else…


So, apart from eating clean this week, I’ll also be doing 3-2-1 classes run by a personal trainer friend of mine (the Pocket Rocket). 3-2-1 incorporates cardio, weights and abs circuits and it’s incredibly good at getting an all-over work out. It’s tough, but the hour passes quickly. My body NEEDS a lot of sweating and a lot of hard work, so bring it on…

Face the same, but weight lighter!

I did the Facelift Diet (eating salmon and veg and very little else!) for the three days and I’ll post the photographic results once I find a better camera. As I don’t have a particularly great camera at the mo, it’s probably hard to tell if I’m wrinkle-free or not.

Confession time! There’s a certain carbonated, caffeinated soft drink that I like A LOT… * And I couldn’t give it up for the duration of my three-day scientific experiment so maybe if I had, I’d be staring in the mirror right now and a 20-year-old me would be looking back!

I don’t think I look particularly different, but I did enjoy feeling very energetic while eating this way and I lost 2-and-a-half pounds, joy. And now I’ve got a hen party to go to (my friend is being very old school and having her hen party two days before she gets married) and a tight dress to fit into, so thanks Facelift Diet…



*I’ve worked out I spend in the region of £30 a week on this particular product. Insane.

Mid Facelift Diet and Lovely Lists

So, I’m on day 3 of the Facelift Diet (basically eat salmon, veg, some fruit and nuts for three days straight and see the wrinkles magically melt away – allegedly) and enjoying the increase in energy and happiness.

Bit bored though! And I’ve posted a pic here of the Family Champion Cupcake Maker torturing me with her evil, sugary genius…

It still hurts that she was so much better than me at this

“I get to eat cake and STILL be skinny, ha ha!”

I lost my iPhone at the weekend. Gutted, devastated, lost and bereft – I’ve run out of words to describe it… What I REALLY loved about my iPhone were the apps. Just what isn’t there an app for? (And if there isn’t something, I ought to dream it up, invent it and make tonnes of money). Needless to say, there’s an app for wedding planning, but I feel it takes the fun out of writing endless lists.

I LOVE lists. Sometimes I compose them with tasks I’ve already done just so I can tick them off. (Do try, enormously satisfying). And often, I’ll put the most mundane things on my work to do list. Post letter, clean out email inbox, do shredding, turn on computer… (Maybe not that last one.)

So, a wedding app is going to take away the joy of list writing and therefore is not for me. The most difficult list is the guest list obviously, guaranteed pain and moments of waking up at 3am thinking: “Merciful heavens, I forgot distant cousin Delia Anne Frogerty! Let’s hope she still isn’t married…”* That aside, lists for everything else are incredibly good fun.

And finally, naturally I have very curly hair. In common with most curly girls, I fantasise about long, straight thick tresses glossily gleaming and the ability to toss my hair a la shampoo ads… So, in the blogosphere, there’s a talented lady who can show you how to straighten your hair and not damage it. Fab.

*I made her up. Sadly, she doesn’t exist.

Eat salmon and lose wrinkles?

Can you believe it – two close friends are getting married this Saturday and, short of the ability to split in two, we can only attend one.

So, Pam and Keith’s it is. I can’t wait as Pam is a dear family friend so the wedding is also an opportunity to catch up with family and lots of wonderful people.

I’m also experimenting… I first read about the Facelift Diet in 2004; created by Dr Perricone, basically it involves eating salmon two or three times a day, no processed foods, lots of green veg and water, and a little bit of fruit for three days straight.

So, in the interests of proper science, I took a picture of my face this morning (sans make-up! Honestly, I put make-up on to put the bins out) and will compare and contrast on Thursday, by which time I’m guessing I’ll probably not want to eat salmon again for a long, long time…