The Super Flattering Snapper?

Oh ho! Off with beloved to meet a photographer to talk wedding pictures today.

I toyed with the idea of using my sister (who’s pretty good behind the lens) as a money-saving tactic, but felt the idea was unfair on her. You don’t really want your family ‘working’ on your wedding day, do you? And imagine experiencing that horrible pressure to produce great pics when snapping isn’t your day job…

So, off to discuss options with James Solly, a very talented photographer I have worked with in the past (I work in PR) to discuss what we want. Now, photographers can be very good at things we amateurs aren’t so great at, such as composition, pics in focus and artistic, attention-grabbing shots – but what does every bride and groom REALLY want, do you think?

See what I mean re amateur photographers?!

“Dear photographer, just make me look young and thin in my wedding pictures pretty, pretty please.”

On the continued theme of lowering the heart beat per minute rate, my diet coke consumption continues unabated (woe!), but in the past few days I’ve squeezed in a run, an exercise DVD (Jennifer Ellison’s – it’s flippin’ HARD) and a power plate session. Go me!