Post-holiday; It’s Raining

Greetings, greetings…

Well the last holiday before the wedding was pretty fabulous (Tenerife). As readers in the UK will appreciate, it’s great getting away in November and leaving behind rain, rain and more rain.

We spent lots of time outside (the joy! the luxury!) and wandered round bare-footed a lot of the time. Vitamin D was absorbed through the skin. Sunglasses were a permanent feature. Cava was consumed (j’adore).

So, a case of post-holiday blues on Monday. [Why do I live in the world’s wettest place? Why don’t I work where I can get outdoors more often? Why do I not work as a freelance writer, ‘have lap top will live in warm country typing out words on my wee balcony’? Wah!*] Therefore, searching through the fab world of blogosphere, I found this rather empowering post… **

How to change your life?.


*I am very sorry about sounding so ungrateful. I am very lucky – partner, family, friends, very spoiled cat to my name etc.

**And also hit upon a way of not having to write too many words. Clever hmm?