Curly Girls: Their Grannies Loved ‘Em

Brazilian blow dry – sounds too close to a procedure also involving hair, but which seems incredibly painful and humiliating..?

The blow dry, thankfully, does not involve the removal of one’s clothes and is a soothing way to spend an afternoon. In my quest for neat wedding hair, I thought I’d investigate this fairly new phenomenon.

As a late teen, my grandmother used to tell me that people would pay for my hairstyle. She was the perm generation. My 20s coincided with the rise of the straightening iron. And thus  nobody wanted curly hair.

This is the before pic...

This is the before pic…

Thanks to my increasing age and years of home colouring, my naturally curly hair is now very frizzy. Morning gym visits have exposed to me to the routines many women go through – dexterous juggling of hairbrushes, clips and hair-dryers, finished off with the trusty GHDs. It appears to be very time-consuming and I already devote far more time than is necessary to skincare and make-up.

So, the 20-minute (plus, if you are very diligent) daily haircare routine does not appeal… Time that could be devoted to my family & friends! Time that could be spent reading! Time that could be spent baking cakes! [Er, if haircare is your thang, I promise I don’t condemn you; please do see my previous post on skincare as evidence of absolute pointless time-wasting on my part.]

My local salon was doing a Brazilian blow-dry deal. I thought, ‘ooh bridal hair-do practice run’, and succumbed. Various promises were made online – easy blow dry, straighter hair, less frizz. No wonder I crumpled so easily.

See, the sheer novelty of running a comb through hair? Can't be under-estimated...

See, the sheer novelty of running a comb through hair? Can’t be under-estimated…

Here are the results… Impressive hmm? Now, the real deal is in a few days’ time when I wash my hair and then dry it. Rather, let Mama Nature dry it, or I blast it with a hair dryer for five minutes or so and then get deeply bored (so definitely not a 40-mins proper blow-dry and straightener job).

Then, hopefully, the legendary status that it is the Brazilian blow dry will really make its status known and I will emerge with straight-ish, frizz-free-ish locks…


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