Ssh! Is it Getting a Bit Noisy in Here?

Oi, oi, oi! It’s getting a bit noisy in here…

I have been reading a rather excellent book of late about introverts. Introverts, y’know, we folks who prefer own own company and who never need to tell secrets so everyone else notices?!

My original wedding plan was: small family wedding followed by large party for friends. The logistics of this were such that it looked easier to combine the two and lo, the big wedding was born.

Go online and our 110 (ish, we still have not worked this out for sure) guest list looks modest. It stills seems like a terrifying amount of people to me. In the name of good manners, I talk to them all at the wedding. Flip, that’s a whole load of small talk to conjure up.

So, weddings… Surely the introvert’s nightmare? Everyone stares at you. I volunteer myself to do a speech from feminist principles. I feel obliged to talk to lots of people. We have to dance by ourselves and everyone watches.

Hmm. I appear to have chosen the extrovert’s, and not the introvert’s, ideal event. I’m hoping Susan Cain’s excellent book on being a wee quiet person in an extrovert’s world will set out some strategies to cope…


4 thoughts on “Ssh! Is it Getting a Bit Noisy in Here?

  1. Yes. A nightmare!

    We are introverts and in order to keep our wedding small we went to vegas. All of about 8 or 10 people were there. Best wedding ever 🙂 it was perfect.

  2. I am an introvert as well and loved Susan Cain’s Book. Now, I fit right in and no longer feel awkward when I have nothing to say.

    Best wishes with your wedding.


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