Five Days’ Worth of Writing

The sun is over the yardarm and a G&T beckons; export strength naturally...

The sun is over the yardarm and a G&T beckons; export strength naturally…

A writer’s work is never… done? The same? Uninteresting? Followed according to agreed grammatical rules and with correct spelling intact?

I ask as this week in the wonderfully wacky world of freelancing, I’ve come to the end of my working time without having made a start on a project planning job I’ve been putting off all week. The chap uttered the fatal words – “oh, no hurry”. Really, we should have clarified the ‘no hurry’ bit. Perchance did that mean, a few days will do? Or in a week’s time will be sufficient? Indeed, he may have meant ‘see you next month’.

Anyway, I have completed several blogs ahead of schedule due to procrastination on the part of this job, so hey ho…

As for writing never being the same, the topics I have written about this week include mushrooms, children’s climbing frames, trampolines, gardening for newbies, bathrooms and the Paleo diet. Perhaps there are connections – climbing frames, gardening and trampolines all take in the great outdoors, whilst mushrooms can be eaten as part of the Paleo diet.

[I’ve just written an e-book on the Paleo diet and am now contemplating setting up a business as a dietary expert where you log onto my website and I use every opportunity to flog you a diet book. It’s called the C-word diet – patent pending – and basically it involves you avoiding any culinary item which begins with a ‘C’. This way you eliminate crisps, cheese, chocolate, crisps and chips. Winner, huh?]

Joking aside, it’s the writer’s task to take any subject and make it interesting. So when you blog on bathrooms, for example, you do a little research and find out that certain regulations apply to toilets. A little more judicious digging and you uncover the tale of the shrinking cistern. And then there is the odd delightful gem, such as the majority of the nation’s men choosing Cheryl Cole as their bath companion of choice. The Queen was second choice – crass, as the article stated, won out over class.

And finally, I wrote a piece where I was taking on a certain persona so grammar and spelling flew out of the window. Regular readers may have noted – adherence to grammatical correctness isn’t entirely usual on this particular blog, so it wasn’t too much of a leap for me.

What writing treats await next week? FIRSTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am going to complete aforementioned plan. I’m hoping it’s one of those jobs that you put off and put off, then start it and hey ho, it’s really, really straightforward and takes you about an hour.

Until next time, dear friends…


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