Travel Broadens the Mind


Time travelling was not all it was cracked up to be, Maureen mused to herself.

She hadn’t worked out precision in her century wanderings, so instead of landing up as the Roman emperor’s wife, say, she’d ended up as an early Christian awaiting feeding to the lions.

Still, practice makes perfect she thought to herself as the Regency rake made his way towards her. Modern day man hadn’t come up to her requirements so she thought she’d try her luck 200 years back or so.

“And you are…?” she asked. “Mad, bad and dangerous to know,” he winked.



Another Friday Flash Fiction challenge… If anyone is interested, you can contribute your own flash fiction challenges to the fridayflashfiction website, and the fridayflashfiction blog. In addition, there is a competition for flash fiction at dragonplume, where you write either fantasy, romance or historical fiction. My attempt above was an effort to combine the three.

Picture thanks to wikipedia.