Keep Calm and Carry On…

Don't sweat the small stuff...

Don’t sweat the small stuff…

I publish Friday Flash fiction stories on a weekly basis – it’s great discipline and often a brain break from writing about bathrooms, display cabinets and more. Anyway, today’s effort is more of a bit of reflection. And 90% true. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which of the two scenarios described actually happened…


Weesht! A good Scots word is weesht. It means – be quiet, stop whining, calm down or all three.

The things I have to weesht about today are: jumping three miles into the air with rage when I realised hubbie had left tissues in the pair of jeans I have just washed; and screaming like a banshee at the poor call centre employee who just had the misfortune to ring me.

First world problems don’t you reckon? Perspective is a wonderful thing and I prescribe a little perusal of world news as the antidote.



If you too would like to join the 100-word Friday Flash Fiction challenge, please feel free to visit Friday Flash Fiction set up by publisher Gordon Lawrie and the Friday Flash Fiction wordpress blog.


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