A Little Flash Fiction Fun At The Expense of David Cameron

After a long absence, I’ve decided to revive this blogging account. Well, it doesn’t really make sense for me not to have my very own personal blog. And I do need to sell books as I’ve discovered I’ve got this allergy to office work (symptoms – unrelieved boredom/borderline suicidal feelings on a Sunday or after returning from holiday and general lethargy most evenings) so I’m trying to find a way of keeping myself out of offices for ever and ever…

So hello there once more. Highheelsandpinkglitter tries to blog mostly about writing (having briefly entered the foray as a wedding blogger ahead of my own nuptials), but is easily distracted by food and skin care. As so many people write and produce much better content on the last two topics, I try to resist that distraction as much as I can.

To start off my new blogging life on highheels, here’s a little fiction effort. I’ve been chortling at Twitter’s response to pig-gate of late (more about that story here), so I thought I’d write a little back story for one of the memes:


Man* Enough to Make That Call

The phone on his desk seemed to mock him. In his imagination he heard the words, “Are you man enough for this…?”

He shook his head slightly, “Well I’m not, but –”

The voice cut him off. “Pathetic! Excuses, excuses… Just pick up the phone and call him!”

With a sigh, he decided to obey. The inner voice wasn’t always right, but on this occasion its veracity rang clear and true.

He listened as the number rang and a voice confirmed: “David Cameron.”

His mouth dry, he barked into the phone: “It’s Kermit. Do.You.Love.Her? Do you? Do you? DO YOU?”

As you might be able to deduce from the above, one of my other regular projects is flash fiction – writing an original 100-word story once a week, preferably on a Friday just because the alliteration works. If you’d like to see more examples of flash fiction, check out the Friday flash fiction website.



*A friend disputed the use of “man up” in this story and I do get her point – why do we use the phrase “man up'”to mean bravery and fortitude? I hope you will forgive me as I used the phrase in an ironic way because Kermit’s a frog.


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