The Woman Who Died a Lot – a Review

The Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next, #7)The Woman Who Died a Lot by Jasper Fforde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s a while since I’ve read a Jasper Fforde book – and this one did not disappoint. Here’s advice to anyone new to JF. When you start reading, it will seem like absolute nonsense, but persist. Ride the nonsense roller coaster and you’ll be rewarded.

Like all previous Thursday Next novels, the gags and puns come thick and fast. Explanations for common-place things – such as why Aldi never has any brands you recognise – are witty. The mocking of local government and large corporations is cleverly done.

There’s a lot in this book that will make you smile. I loved the idea of hard-core librarians, feared more than the SAS.

Another added bonus are the illustrations and the postcards at the back. Pictures used to be commonplace in books – up until the First World War when they disappeared because of paper shortage. It’s nice to see them.

I would hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who is new to Jasper Fforde because it helps to know a bit of background about Thursday, the main character. Start at the beginning with The Eyre Affair and work your way onwards.

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