The Value of Writing

Ever wanted to carve out a career as a writer? Writing is one of those skills that gets seriously undervalued. Take this little example I copied from a jobs website… (Some of the words have been changed.)

I need a romance story of about 50,000 words to be written before the end of July. Elements that MUST be included in the story are Bad Boy/Alpha, Motorcycle Club Romance. Sub-elements, character descriptions and the plot will be provided.

I am looking for an excellent writer who not only can supply FULLY EDITED work, but is also experienced in character development, dialogue and plot development that can hook a reader. Again, any work submitted should always be error free.

The proposed budget is between .01-015 per word (cents, not pennies) but I have been known to give excellent bonuses. PLEASE NOTE – content should be creative, high quality and 100 percent original. If you decide to accept the job offer, you agree that you will own no rights to the work or parts of the work and you understand/agree your name will not appear anywhere on the work. I would retain all copyrights to these stories. It cannot be used for portfolios or as samples for other clients.

The candidate must be experienced with this type of writing, be a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER and have excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation. I am looking to create an ongoing business relationship with chosen bidder(s). I have many future projects in mind. Hope to hear from you!


So, not only must you come up with 50,000 original words in five weeks, but you will need to have them professionally proof-read and/or copy edited. It is nigh on impossible to proofread your own work when it is this length. You don’t own the copyright, and you’re now allowed to use the content in samples. And all this for $800.


2 thoughts on “The Value of Writing

  1. I pressed like, but I really would have preferred “hate”! Before I go off and write the back story to “Leader of the Pack” what I want to know is then what? Has Barbara Cartland and Co been actually getting other folks to write their virgin romances, and does the person buying the book sell it off as their own work?

    • Sadly, you see this all the time. Especially these days, when there is a HUGE demand for writing. Some little dweeb somewhere gets other people to do it for them and then passes it off as his or her own. I’d argue that anyone signing up for this job is a bit dim – I mean, why would you? But then I also want to say to the job creator, if writing is as easy as $800 for 50,000 words YOU B****Y WRITE IT YOURSELF.

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