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Your story died at 21,456 words.

It was a sad state of literary affairs when you wiped away your tears, blew your nose and decided to shelve your half-finished novel.

There were too many things that weren’t working with your fictional romance, about two emotionally broken food lovers finding each other on an online dating site for foodies. Too many alarm bells ringing in your head when your hungry love birds came together. No sign of any conflict and no matter how many times you instructed your brain to come up with beautiful and poetic ways to describe your characters kissing, it only offered you phrases such as ‘the thought of herkissing him made his stomach juices curdle,’ and’his snogging action was similar to her food blender on super fast speed.’

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One thought on “How To Survive The Shelved Story Coming Back From The Dead #Writers #AmWriting

  1. I prefer to think of my stories lying in a vampire-type coffin – not dead, just ‘resting’…this has happened to me so often, though never on the dance floor!

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