Wattpad Adventures Part Three

Hello new follower of me on Wattpad! I pounce on ‘em, as they are small in number. Then, I stalk them. The profiles, sadly, are often irritatingly vague.

Where are you from, I ask. Just out of interest.

(Is this getting creepy yet?)

Then, I think up questions I’d like to know the answer to. How did you find me? Why did you follow me? What piece of my work interests you particularly? Is there anything you hope to get out of our new relationship?

I debate which one I can ask without seeming like a neurotic nut job who gets herself instantly unfollowed. Maybe number three? With parts a), and b) why, why, why did you like it? And, was it only like and not love?

TBH, that is just the tip of the iceberg. What I really want to ask is, gosh how did you stumble upon me, given that I’m about as visible as a…not-very visible thingie. Then, did you think, oh wow, this SavvyDunn is one super-writery person! I really love her. I’m gonna recommend her to all my 950,000 followers, all of whom actually prefer buying books on the Kindle to reading them for free on Wattpad.

Ah, wishful thinking.

My newest follower number one is reading my erotica. So, having tried to write endless sex scenes and bored myself to tears with it, it now looks as if I might need to start dreaming up new ways for two people (or more) to get jiggy.

I don’t want my newbie to feel cheated. He thought he was getting loads of sex. Instead, my characters spend most of their time obsessing about life, love, work… oh, hang on a minute. Something sounds very familiar.

Newest follower number two is a 14-year-old girl. I guess she wants to read the books I’ve written that are aimed roughly at the YA audience (though YA also gets a lot of reads from older people, some 55 percent of readers). To keep her happy, I’m going to have to go away and think up more teen girl aligning with vampires nonsense.

To keep it interesting, I might need to try the reverse harem approach – one girl, three or four guys to choose from. The rules of the genre are that she never makes her mind up, not by the end of the book, nor even the series.

Or maybe I could just ask newbie one and two what they want. When you write copy for businesses, they generally tell you what they want you to write about. That makes it easy. When you’re writing fiction, you guess what people want to read. And not always accurately.

One of the UK’s biggest indie success stories, Mark Dawson, surveys his readers once a year to ask them what they want to read.

Anyway, back to my new followers. Another thing you notice about the young things is that they blatantly ask for follows, reviews, tags and comments back. I don’t do that kind of thing because I’m a) British and b) I’d prefer it came naturally, people who genuinely like and read my stuff.

And how’s that working out for me? Wattpad followers – seven in total. Time for plan B, eh?


8 thoughts on “Wattpad Adventures Part Three

  1. I’ve started Wattpad not too long ago and I find it hard as well to get readers or “followers.” Here too for that matter. It’s about dedication, updating constantly, leaving comments and following others for follow backs. It’s, a full time job……. honestly, I just try my best and it works or it doesn’t. If you are looking for more adult readers who will comment on grammar, plot, etc you might want to try TheNextBigWriter.com. It’s not free to post but that’s the point, you get those who put forth the effort but also spent the money to review and encourage.

  2. Ok so when I retweeted this I put ‘If you don’t follow Savvy Dunn on Wattpad, what’s wrong with you?’ but changed it to ‘you’re missing out…’
    Would it help if I said you are the only person I follow on Wattpad? I shared it on LinkedIn too – got 3920 ‘connections’ on there, I don’t think they read anything I write though, they just hope I will read their stuff.

  3. Ah, thank you so much! I do actually like having an elite following (and Wattpad takes up so much time I can’t imagine how the folks with tens of thousands of followers manage). There’s also the discipline of it which is SUPER useful and is the main reason I stick with it. And as it’s free, those folks who get tens of thousands of reads (the moderate, rather than big players) must fume, thinking, ‘gosh, if only these folks had read this on Kindle, I might be minted by now’.

  4. Thanks for the notice of your Wattpad account, Emma. I just made sure I’ve registered to follow your posts there. Can I somehow receive e-mail notifications of new content? Thanks, and I hope you’re well.

    • Thanks Russell – I think the system sends out notifications. I appreciate the follow! Happy New Year to you.

      • Thanks, Emma. I did receive a confirmation e-mail today from WattPad. Hopefully I’ll stay up-to-date with your postings. I look forward to reading.

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