The Discreet Charm of Mary Maxwell-Hume

https://emmabaird.comNew in print is The Discreet Charm of Mary Maxwell-Hume by Gordon Lawrie.

Here’s the blurb – Mary Maxwell-Hume is an enigma. She earns a living as a piano teacher but also belongs to an obscure order of nuns. Their rules appear curious: although the sisters wear red habits occasionally, the order has a peculiar dress code. Nuns wear ‘only as much as is necessary to preserve due modesty’, plus liberal doses of Chanel no.5 perfume.

There’s the faintest hint that Mary might be a bit of a hustler, but she uses her sensual powers in such a way that nobody minds – except for the odious Theodore Plews of Lambert’s Auction House in Edinburgh. Anyway, who would dare suggest that a woman of God might not be all she seems?

Eventually, she engages a young police constable as her faithful assistant. Read on to see what ensues…

The book is published by Comely Bank Publishing, and you can buy directly from CBP here. There’s a limited time offer, where you can also get Gordon’s first book, Four Old Geezers and a Valkyrie for £8.99 (including postage). If you want the e-book, the storefront has links to (for Kindles) and versions (for every other e-reader).


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  1. Thanks, Emma, but the last of those copies of Four Old Geezers And A Valkyrie have actually gone, so the two-for-one offer isn’t available any more. However, there’s a new book coming shortly, called The Blogger Who Came in from the Cold, and there will be a whole lot of new offers!

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