Six Years of Blogging

Emma Baird picture of a laptop with the words 'back blogging'Congratulations me. This month marks my six-year blog anniversary. Six years of thinking up topics to write about, sometimes coming up with great ideas but most often opting for the lazy option, something I wrote for another platform.

I don’t have a huge following—just shy of 400—but I get good engagement, especially these days. It’s easy enough to like a blog post. You can do it without reading the article. People taking the time to read and then add their thoughts feels much more flattering.

And because I have such a small following, I don’t get negativity. Most of the comments people post are encouraging. Which is good. I’m your typical writer and my skin is wafer-thin.

My following increases steadily. At the moment, I appear to be getting one sign up a day. I’m a smarter blogger than I was when I first started up and I use some of the dark arts. I put my name into the alt text for the pictures I use. I set featured images and I craft my own excerpt. Liking and commenting on other blogs helps as does the intelligent use of tags.

I’ve got my posts automatically linked to most of my other social media platforms, so they appear on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter as soon as they come out.

The life of a blogger can be great fun. I started my working life in journalism and what former journalist wouldn’t want to be their own publisher and editor?

You also get to read amazing content from others. There are plenty of doozies out there and I often wonder what on earth bloggers are doing to get hundreds of likes and comments for badly written guff. On the whole, though, if you keep your own blog following small, you can afford to follow only the good ‘uns back.

This is a friendly community for the most part. I’m hugely grateful to all the folks who’ve read, liked and commented on my articles over the last six years. Thank YOU.


15 thoughts on “Six Years of Blogging

    • Thank you Gary! (Or, Thank you, Gary – as Grammarly would prefer.) How long have you been doing it yourself?

      • I think I started my first blog in about April or May 2010. I can’t remember when Yummy Lummy became a thing though 😃
        I have tried not to use too many commas here 😂

    • Thank you Lebana, and thanks for following me. I’ve returned the favour as I really liked what you wrote about ‘forever’.

  1. Happy Blogversary Emma.Its great you are still blogging! For me its 6 years too this month. Can’t quite believe it. Xx

  2. Well done – I’m in complete awe of anyone who finds something to say on their blog on a regular basis, and to do it for six years – wow, do you get an award for that?

    • Should do, huh? I often resort to reposting stuff. Or wishing I’d stuck with my initial idea, which was a make-up blog…

  3. Congratulations, Emma, and thanks for your many interesting posts. I look forward to reading more of what you’d like to discuss, too. Cheers, and best wishes.

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