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For one week only, you can buy The Girl Who Swapped for a mere 99p on or 99 cents* on

Do you love chick lit or humorous fiction that makes you chuckle? The Girl Who Swapped introduces you to Lottie and Charlotte who’ve woken up in the wrong bodies and miles away from home.

How do they get back to their ‘real’ lives, and where those real lives so fantastic in the first place?

The Girl Who Swapped – Sale

Via champagne-soaked parties, tempting tall, dark and handsome strangers and an ego-maniac Hollywood star, join the rollercoaster ride as our heroines hurtle through their new lives as they try to find their ways home.

If you like your reading light, frothy and fun, The Girl Who Swapped is a great summer read** and the Kindle version won’t take up precious room in your suitcase.

A fabulous read. Couldn’t put it down
Great story, well written with engaging characters
A real page turner

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Buy the book on here, or here. It’s on sale at the discounted price from 8-15th August. 

*Seven or eight years ago, 99 cents would have been a bargain compared to the 99p price, but the pound’s so weak these days, there’s not much in it.

**Bleurgh. Blowing my own trumpet makes me feel like I need to take hot shower and scrub everything HARD.


2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Swapped – 99p or 99c

  1. The Girl Who Swapped comes entirely recommended by me, so I’ll blow your trumpet for you if you want, Emma. (Actually, I’m entirely hopeless at blowing musical wind instruments, can’t get a note out the damn things. I can blow a harmonica.)

    However British readers should bear in mind that someone might try to charge you a currency conversion charge if you pay in dollars. Stay away from Trump. The book’s a snip at under £1.00.

    • Many thanks for the shout-out, though rumour has it music played its part in your own book talk the other week..? And good point re the currency conversion. The bulk of my followers are our fine US cousins, hence the 99c for them.

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