Artists Town – Coming Soon!

Artists Town by Emma Baird coverAnd here it is – the almost finished version of Artists Town, my next book…

Set in 1990, Artists Town is a coming of age tale that explores friendship, first love, learning to be cool and navigating life’s challenges.

Fifteen-year-old Daisy has been dragged along on a family holiday in a small Scottish town against her will. But that’s what happens when you suddenly develop a chronic health condition. Your freedom disappears.

Still, the holiday has its compensations. There’s Katrina, resident ‘cool’ girl who takes Daisy under her wing. And Katrina has a gorgeous, older cousin who sends smouldering looks in Daisy’s direction. Is this holiday about to change her life for the better?

Escaping from London seems to have affected Daisy’s dad. He’s got madcap schemes in mind, but just where is all the money for this coming from?

Artists Town goes on sale this autumn.