Beautiful Biters

Beautiful Biters by Emma Baird

Looking for a fresh take on the vampire trope? Beautiful Biters is my attempt to explore the supernatural genre and what it’s like to live alongside vampires…

The first vampire attack happened on the way back from the hospital. My sister Rosie was four at the time. Miraculous it had taken that long…

Imagine a world where human and vampires live in ‘peace’ together, the one oppressed by the other.

Nineteen-year-old Maya has too much on her plate. Trying to protect her younger sister. Struggling with crushes on unsuitable guys. Justin is a newly converted vampire, battling to resist the urge to kill and desperately worried about his brother, converted at the same time but AWOL ever since. If the authorities find him first, he’s toast.

When the two of them meet through the vampire Maya earmarks to help her with an exciting project aimed at making money, both are taken aback by the mutual attraction. First rule of vampire-human integration though…? You don’t go that far.

And while living in this bleak world poses its own hazards-not least because those in charge are too ready to ride rough shod over vampires and happy to accept backhanders, Maya and Justin still need to cope with the day to day stuff. Going to college, fighting with your mum, obsessing over the food you can’t eat, dealing with unpopularity and online trolls.

Original artwork (the pictures illustrating some of the chapters) by Jennifer Mijatovic @wee_mij on Instagram, who also created the lovely cover.

“Thanks for writing this, supernatural stories are great way to escape. 🤓👍”
“I love this genre. I like your more practical take on the subject matter. I find it more interesting than the overly romantic versions.”

“I enjoyed this book SO MUCH. I couldn’t stop reading – I just wanted to know what happens next. I think the world you’ve created is brilliant and so clever. It’s a really, really fun take on vampires that I’ve certainly never come across.”