Highland Heart—an absent boyfriend, a charmer nearby. Who will win Katya’s heart

An absent boyfriend and a charmer close by—who would you choose?

We booked every room in this hotel,” he said, and the anticipation-already at fever pitch-heightened. If she held a hand out now, her fingers would shake.

He took her hand, his own warm, solid and enveloping. “We’ll sneak up there. Before anyone notices. I’ll order room service.

The follow-up to Highland Fling, Highland Heart follows the story of Katya and Dexter—lovers who met at a magical village in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, but who begin to drift apart.

She wants him; he wants her but there are thousands of miles between them.

Meanwhile, there’s a new dude in town. Zac is fun, flirtatious and determined to seduce Katya. The trouble is, can she resist? Especially as Dexter seems to be throwing himself into his work as marketing manager for a big reality TV star and her brand-new make-up company on a mission to take over the world.

And what about his relationship with Caitlin, the reality TV star he works for? Is it one hundred percent professional or are those photos that keep popping up in her Instagram feed as innocent as he professes?

Village shenanigans, an eccentric cast of lovable characters and a catch up with Gaby and Jack of Highland Fling fame, Highland Heart explores what happens once the initial spark wears off.

Reviews of Highland Heart:

“Loved the second instalment of this delightful Scottish drama. Highly recommend both books for an instant Highland getaway.”

“An excellent, heart-warming rom-com with all of the funniest characters from the first plus some great new ones. I loved seeing Lochhalsie from Katya’s point of view this time. Funny, sweet and romantic.”

“Great storytelling with characters I really warmed to. I so wanted Katya to be all loved up that I couldn’t put it down until I found out who’d she chosen. And the banter between the villagers was classic.”

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