Ten Little Stars

Ten Little Stars by Emma Baird

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From vampires who tag along on kids as they trick or treat, to thirteen-year-olds who encounter the love of their life for the first time—Ten Little Stars brings together a collection of diverse and entertaining short stories.

Here you will find a host of relatable characters and situations. The stories include prize-winning competition entries, extracts from novels and short excerpts that have gone on to become novels. You’ll travel back to the early nineteenth century, skedaddle through the 1990s and spend most of your time in the early 21st century, where familiar situations arise.

How do you live as an adult in the modern world? Google everything of course! And what about dealing with your partner’s depression? Find him a hobby and then sit back when it takes off. And if you’re in your mid-30s and a life partner seems like an unachievable goal, you’ll need dating apps and a solid dose of motherly advice, right?

Ten Little Starts is the ideal companion for a flight or train ride. Escape into different worlds for a couple of hours and enjoy. You can find the book here.

Please note—this content includes strong language and some adult content.