Seeking Something Special for the Big Day

And my wedding WILL be uniquely special!

Do you think there is a bride-to-be out there who doesn’t want her wedding to be individual?

I ask because as a budget bride, can the wish for individuality and a special wedding that people talk about for years to come, be a possibility? Many moons ago, being able to invite a lot of guests to your wedding probably made it stand out so this need for individuality and specialness seems a little bit late 20th century/early 21st century spoiled and egotistical.

Nonetheless, I do want special touches for my own wedding. All those years of feminist principles do not seem to be able to bear the might of the pink, frothy tide of foolishness that surrounds the bridal industry and sucks up every Mrs in waiting. Perhaps I read too many fairy stories as a child, but it seems I’m powerless to resist the wish to be a princess for the day!

So, I want to make my own cake, defy convention and make a speech myself and my mum will be walking me down the metaphorical aisle (necessity as my beloved pops died two years ago) – but is there anything else that’ll make my wedding that wee bittie unusual? Answers on a postcard please…

(I’m drawing the line at birds of prey delivering the rings – they’d poo on the guests, surely? And in all honesty, an unusual, outdoor venue is far too adventurous for a Scottish wedding, given the vagaries of our weather.)

Meanwhile, this is an excellent site for brides (OffBeat Bride – altar your thinking geddit??) who don’t favour the conventional approach, and there’s some nice ideas for wedding (eco) warriors through GreenUnion. Finally ehow, as always, throws up lots of ways for you to break with tradition and make the wedding your very own.

Finally, Avive and Colin are in the finals of their local radio station’s win a wedding competition. As a budget bride, I thoroughly approve! You can visit West Sound Radio and find out more… (And er, voting for them would be really kind.)