Emma Baird’s Books

3D cover imageI’m a writer so (no surprises here) I have written books. I have a number of books about health and diet available for sale on Amazon, and a book on diabetes and low-carb eating that I wrote in conjunction with a doctor – The Diabetes Diet.

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I also have a fictional book – Katie and the Deelans, which was published through a publishing co-operation, Comely Bank Publishing. Here’s the blurb –

Katie And The Deelans is the story of Katie Harper and her friends, ordinary teenagers who go to the worst school in the country. Life, however, takes a turn for the extraordinary when Katie and her friends take up magic lessons.

Taught by the fabulous Miss D’Azzler and the enigmatic Jazz, Katie and her friends find out that they are deelans – humans who can change into cats and who have magical powers. Katie and her friends enjoy the first few months of being deelans by practising their magical skills and trying to improve the school and life for those living in the sink housing estates nearby.

But Katie, who has struggled through parental alcoholism, neglect and abandonment by her mum and dad, wants to use her magical abilities mainly to improve her life AND start a relationship with the school’s best-looking boy, Danny Finch.

But just who is Danny Finch? And what about the super-powerful deelans determined to do harm? Katie has a lot to learn and her adventures take her from experiments with apples that turn into chocolate to mind-reading (it’s not all it’s cracked up to be), battles with wicked women and unexpected family revelations.

I have just finished fictional book number two, Two Slices of Carrot Cake which will be published next year and I’m working on my third novel, title as yet undecided.

You can buy Katie and the Deelans at Comely Bank Publishing, Amazon, Kobo and through Smashwords and Gumroad. The Diabetes Diet is available on Amazon and Kobo.