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I’m a writer so (no surprises here) I have written books. I have a number of books about health and diet available for sale on Amazon, and a book on diabetes and low-carb eating that I wrote in conjunction with a doctor – The Diabetes Diet.

The book explains advanced insulin techniques so you can eat low-carb, and it’s packed with recipes and eating plans with carbohydrate counts. We also cover activity and exercise, and what you can expect from changing your diet to low carb. (Great things, basically.)



My book, The Girl Who Swapped, is out now.

What do you do when you find yourself in a strange body and a different life?

Lottie and Charlotte are not having a good morning. They’ve woken up in unfamiliar beds. Not to mention, unfamiliar bodies. What is going on?

At least Lottie’s boyfriend, Josh, is by her side. If only Lottie didn’t have this nagging feeling that something important happened last night, but she blew it…

Charlotte feels terrible. She’s woken up with a hangover of gargantuan proportions. And where the hell are her husband and children?

The two heroines must work out what is going on. Along the way, there will be tempting encounters, full-on flirtations, Hollywood stars, riotous parties, blackmail and far too much champagne.

Come along and enjoy the adventure!

Artists Town by Emma BairdMy third book, Artists Town, is set in the early 1990s and is a heart-warming coming of age tale that explores friendship, first love, learning to be cool and navigating life’s challenges.

Fifteen-year-old Daisy has been dragged along on a family holiday in a small Scottish town against her will. But that’s what happens when you suddenly develop a chronic health condition. Your mum and dad take away your freedom.

Still, the holiday has its compensations. There’s Katrina, resident ‘cool’ girl who takes Daisy under her wing. And Katrina has a gorgeous, older cousin who sends smouldering looks in Daisy’s direction. Is this holiday about to change her life for the better?

Escaping from London seems to have affected Daisy’s dad. He’s got madcap schemes in mind, but just where is all the money for this coming from?

Daisy finds love, close friendship and freedom in her new life but the secrets that lie buried there are about to surface, and their revelation will be explosive and life-changing.

The Diabetes Diet is available on Amazon. You can find The Girl Who Swapped and Artists Town at most major e-book retailers and Amazon.

The Girl who Swapped – https://books2read.com/tgws

Artists Town – https://books2read.com/artiststown