What services does Pink Glitter Publishing offer?

Primarily, I’m in the copy-writing business. So, if you want high-quality, relevant content for your websites, leaflets, online brochures, video scripts, e-books, content plans and more, I’m your woman.

I see you write books…

Well spotted! I’m a fiction author, and so far I’ve written:

I’m also the author of a diet book co-written with a doctor. It’s aimed at people with diabetes but it’s a low-carb plan and recipe book too. The website for this book is here.

What kind of fiction do you write?

Women’s fiction. It’s a broad church, I know, but the one theme that runs through my books is relationships, from the platonic to the passionate. I write YA, erotic romance, rom-coms and coming of age tales.

Can we connect?

Love too, dear friend! You can sign up to my mailing list at pinkglitterpubs@gmail.com. I send one out twice a month and I keep it light and fluffy. There will be a little light selling but nothing hard-core and you can unsubscribe any time if you feel you’ve had enough of me and my cat pics…