Highland Shorts

Welcome to the magical village of Lochalshie! Here you will find nosy neighbours, women looking for a second chance at love—or even a first one—and a man contemplating his marriage on the eve of his wedding.

This collection of short stories centres on the characters featured in the Highland books, and is a companion to the series.

Praise for the Highland Books series:

“I absolutely adore your writing style which just pulls me into the story and keeps me hooked. Love it…”

“I rrreally enjoyed this book. Rrreading was so much fun!!”

“Love it! The plot, the characters: I love Stewart! :D”

“It was a beautiful book. Different from the cliches where everything moves so fast. This one took its time and I loved you for exploring their characters in detail. Amazing job.”

“Thank you so much for writing this! I enjoyed it so much. I was so glad to find a book so different from those over-the-top lusty stories. I greatly enjoyed the humour and all the interactions. Keep it up.”

“Such a fun book. I just read it completely this afternoon, so thank you for writing & posting your book! Really enjoyed it”