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  • Location, location, location

    Location, location, location

    Some years back, I went the book launch of Stonemouth, written by the late (and extremely great) Iain Banks, where he admitted he made up the town where the novel is situated because he despised doing research. That little titbit … Continue reading → Read more

  • The robots are coming for our jobs…

    The robots are coming for our jobs…

    Recently, there has been a lot of talk on the internet regarding AI and its usage in the creative professions, including fears that robots will take over the fun stuff, concerns that students will use it to cheat by creating … Continue reading → Read more

  • Food in books

    Food in books

    My latest novel, Baked with Love, is now available for pre-order. The book features a fictionalised version of a well-known and loved baking show, so there are a lot of descriptions of cakes in it. In general, there are a … Continue reading → Read more

  • Sally Wainwright – we are not worthy…

    Sally Wainwright – we are not worthy…

    What I’m watching (no spoilers!) Well… the end of Happy Valley! What did you think? The series writer Sally Wainwright receives a lot of well-deserved praise for her depiction of strong female characters, her ability to create conflict and ramp … Continue reading → Read more

  • Bread, the BBC and lessons in productivity

    Bread, the BBC and lessons in productivity

    Bah – Word and all its quirks. Book formatting isn’t difficult, but it sure is time-consuming… Continue reading → Read more

  • American versus British accents

    American versus British accents

    Would you find it irritating if you bought an audio book set in the UK, featuring British characters, was narrated in an American accent…? Continue reading → Read more