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  • For Want of Witty Wedding Words

    Och, where’s the muse when you want her? She’s sadly not been at my beck and call the last week or so. I kept trying to think up wedding-related topics and the wise, witty words that might accompany them. I … Continue reading → Read more

  • Together Forever… Whatever?

    In precisely eight months’ time, I get to stand up in front of beloved family and friends and say: “I do.” (Should Mama Nature spare us and providing neither of us decide there is a better other half out there … Continue reading → Read more

  • Eat Out; Be Happy Together

    On the Twitter-sphere a few months ago was a post about the five things you need to say to maintain a happy relationship – Can I Help You? I Love You. I’m Sorry. You Look Great and Let’s Eat Out*. … Continue reading → Read more

  • Cinderella Missing a Glass Slipper?

      Does anyone else build their outfit from the shoes up? With a wedding dress, in most cases this might seem pointless as the shoes won’t be visible under acreages of tulle and satin sinking to the floor. But as … Continue reading → Read more

  • Auld Claes and Porridge

    Lucky old me! I got to go to the wedding of dear friends at the weekend. They’d gone down the home-made wedding lines – held in the village hall which they’d decorated, favours made from home-grown pansies nestling in cleaned … Continue reading → Read more