For Want of Witty Wedding Words

Och, where’s the muse when you want her? She’s sadly not been at my beck and call the last week or so.

I kept trying to think up wedding-related topics and the wise, witty words that might accompany them. I came up with… a big, fat nothing. Woe! I also got caught up in a great book* and the priority of my free time was reading. The minutes left after that I felt I should devote to my fiancé to maintain harmonious domestic relations and ensure there WILL indeed be a wedding in May of next year.

The muse still isn’t in the nearby vicinity so I thought I’d post a rather prosaic progress update.

Venue: booked and non-refundable** deposit paid (New Lanark Mill Hotel).

Registrar: booked and non-refundable deposit paid.

Photographer: booked and non-refundable deposit paid (James Solly Photography).

Dress: no. Do I need to panic about this? I just tend to change my mind a lot and thought if I bought something too early, I’d see at least 10 better options after that.

Guest list: drawn up with my fiancé after we’d had a glass or two of wine (we were filled with bonhomie). Still needs finalised and er… possibly edited. Other names keep drifting in and out of my consciousness, accompanied by an internal shriek of alarm.

Invites: my talented brother-in-law (he created the lovely header above) is kindly doing these for me. I’m emailing them out to save money.

Wedding cake: I’m making this myself. The logistics of this exercise are beginning to bother me, though. How will I transport it, how will I decorate it, if I make it too far in advance will it go mouldy and give my guests food poisoning, when will I make it so that I’m not decorating the b*****y thing the night before I get married? Perhaps best to stick to the cheese cake idea (literally, a ‘cake’ made from rounds of cheese; the Atkins solution to wedding cake).

There is progress of sorts on other things – diet coke desertion. I used to drink two litres of the stuff every day. I stopped drinking it for just over two weeks, then caved and am now drinking one bottle a day. Oh, it’s such a lovely, lovely treat…

Reducing resting heart beat rate to 60 per minute (bid to do lots of cardio and be slimline bride). I just counted it; 72Bpm – after many spin classes and many circuit classes (and a few tears). A wee bit of work still needed on this then!


*Diana Gabaldon: The Voyager. I love it when you discover a writer you love and then find out that they are prolific.

**Something very, very scary about the words ‘non-refundable deposit’.

Can the Olympics Motivate You?

If you hadn’t already noticed, the London Olympic Games begins tomorrow…

Really, my interest in sport tallies with my interest in economic theory – zilch. (Except gymnastics perhaps, for the sheer wonder of what some people can do with their bodies.) I did, however, read today that the resting heart rate of athletes is usually below 60 beats per minute. Is this something, I wondered, the ordinary bod can achieve?

And where, pray tell, does this fit into a wedding blog? Bear with me on this one as it’s kind of tenuous… I’m tying the Olympics theme into my blog with a vaguely sporty goal. Could I possibly reduce my resting heart rate to under 60, say in time for my wedding next May?

You could describe this as an inner double bluff. I’m telling myself that achieving such a target will make me fit & healthy and that I’ll have the stamina to cope with the inevitably busy week that will be part of getting married. What my real motivation is – surely all the work needed to achieve a resting heart beat rate of such slowness is going to require lots of cardio (weight loss!) and sweating (great skin!).

A not entirely anatomically correct pic of a heart

And there we have it. Bride wants to be slimmer and look good for wedding shocker! Watch this space – the journey to the 60 beats per minute heart rate could prove interesting. And you can find out more about the best exercises for stamina and sweating here while The Great Fitness Experiment blog is great for reading about new fitness ideas as tried and tested out by an ordinary person.