Plastic fantastic? Far From It…

You just don’t want to be adding to this mess, hmm?

Oh woe… back to blogging about diet coke.

I gave it up in August and went cold turkey for 19 days (yup, counted every single day) and then  thought to myself ‘oh well, one can’t hurt…’ So I added a little ‘I’ve got through the working day and here is my reward’ treat to my evenings in the form of a bottle of fizzy, brown chemical bubbles.

Oops. And then I added in 7up free, two bottles of, and justified that as it’s caffeine and colour-free. Amazing how you manage to find reasons for your bad habits, hmm? [Do feel free to share your own spurious reasons for habits, btw.]

I’ve previously revealed the monetary costs of my little aspartame addiction (embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing…) and what it could usefully be spent on for my wedding instead. As that little (not little actually, HUGE) disincentive doesn’t seem to be working, let’s talk plastic waste…

Facts about plastic:

A group of courageous Edinburgh folks are trying the no plastic challenge and they’ve got some top tips to help you make the move to plastic-less. It involves changing habits, being organised (taking bags to the shops for example) and buying LESS PACKAGING. All of which are transferable skills; i.e. you do this and you beat your fizzy drinks habit, you forward plan and you think creatively for ways round the plastic problem.

So long bottles and bye-bye diet coke for ever?