The Unneccessary and the Unoriginal

Do you need a caption for a fake pic created through Paint?!

I mentioned in the office recently* that I planned to send out ‘save the date’ cards and a colleague asked about this in a kind of ‘ok, what is this and is it an invention of the roller-coaster train that is wedding planning?’**. In other words, completely unnecessary?

Normally, I would agree. In the journey towards a wedding, one does discover an awful lot of superfluous rubbish… I’ve succumbed to a lot of it, but I will draw the line at cars, presents for bridesmaids, an engagement wedding photo shoot, DVDs, make-up trials, hair-do trials*** et al.

The ‘save the date’ cards are a wee bit of an indulgence though. I had a quick look through Pinterest recently on a ‘should I join this social media community, given that I photograph food I make a lot’ kind of way. There, I spotted a very cool save the date pic a couple had taken.

Once upon a time, I worked for a company whose motto was ‘never knowingly original’ – a fine, fine aspiration. For my own save the date cards, I’ll be adapting the idea I saw on Pinterest (and I’m going to use the cat, hoping those last few words have spiked your interest oh dear, lovely readers and compelled you to keep reading week on week as I promise to feature it here once I’ve created it).

To further justify my cards, my wedding is on a Thursday so I’m guessing that people need notice of the date to book time off work. At a push they could stumble into their offices the next day but I wouldn’t advise it…


*I promise I do not talk non-stop wedding while at work. I do realise it’s mind-blowingly dull for everyone else.

**I paraphrase, but I could sense this was what she meant.

***When I was 16, I went for a perm. On top of existing curly hair (the 80s perm industry had very powerful marketing). If there are trials of hair styles, that one was guilty, sentenced to life and no chance of parole.