Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays…

Fruit: very, very, very good for you.

Oh dear! Of late, there’s been a little too much lotus-eating in my life. Cheese, chocolate and wine have featured prominently. For those of you who like to live precariously through others’ indulgence, I’ll ‘fess up…

Marks and Spencer’s Blacksticks blue cheese on toast with butter, chocolate fudge pudding with squirty cream [the purists may not approve, but squirty cream is FAB], and the most glorious Rioja sipped at levels the Government definitely does NOT recommend. So, I’m feeling a bit bleurgh.

If the small size wedding dress is still to remain a goal, I fear we’re back to auld claes and cold porridge for a few days (I’ve referred to this previously; it’s a Western Isles saying which means the return to sobriety after the excesses of celebration). Fruit, early morning exercising, fish, water, water, water…

Call Myself a Gourmand?

Let’s talk wedding menus.

A bride (oh, and groom of course) should surely eat exactly what she wants on the day of her nuptials, would you agree? Given that the typical bride has probably spent several weeks, if not months beforehand in the land of culinary denial (the tyrannical kingdom which bans the deep-fried and interesting, exiles the cocoa and sugar gorgeous goodies and absolutely forbids what the French so prettily call le fromage), the wedding breakfast* should surely be absolute indulgence?**

For all my pretensions to gourmet sophistication, possibly my idea of heaven would be this:

  • Starter – salt and vinegar Kettle Chips with home-made cheese and chive dip
  • Main course – Beer-battered fish and chips with mushy peas and bread & butter
  • Pudding – Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut and/or Morrison’s butterscotch chocolate.

Yum! As most diets these days hold back on the carbs, naturally let loose from the strict reins of wedding weight watch, the bride guzzles potatoes, bread and chocolate by the pound load, accompanied by a goodly serving of saturated fat.

Do I redeem my gourmand credentials by serving this refined selection with the finest Prosecco and a good brandy to match the choccie?

But seriously… Seriously, we’re not yet at the stage of dictating our wedding menu choice to the hotel so the serious wedding breakfast menu is a blog for another day…



*Why oh why is it called ‘wedding breakfast’? Given that there aren’t many weddings I’ve ever been to where you eat this meal before 1pm?

**My proposed photographer tells me you’d be surprised how many about-to-be brides he snaps on the morning of their wedding getting stuck into a Gregg’s sausage roll…