Day 2 and Big Brother Summons Emma to the Diary Room

So, no diet coke in bid to improve health and skin pre wedding and, more importantly, save money.

It’s too early to notice anything (apart from more change in my purse at the end of today), but to stiffen my resolve I’ve been reading Patrick Holford’s Low GL Bible. Low GL – glucose load – is a way of eating where you combine high quality protein, such as plain yoghurt, fish, chicken, eggs, lentils or beans with slow-release carbs. Oh, and you eat tonnes of veg and some fruit too.

(Adding in a link to lovely fruit and veg here…)

Anyway, Mr Holford is very scathing on the subject of caffeinated drinks and fizzy caffeinated drinks in particular. I always knew I was drinking a crap product, but it’s useful to have that belief reinforced. Aspartame, phosphoric acid, caramel and caffeine… yum yum. According to the low GL guru, diet coke acts as a stimulant which means it plays havoc with your body and blood sugar levels which makes it a no-no for those seeking good health.

I’ve treated myself to some supplements as recommended by Mr H – 5HTP, chromium and a Vitamin C 1,000mg (and er… I think my no diet coke money instead for shoes fund was seriously compromised) so here’s hoping for a pain-free and long-lasting diet coke free existence!