Cinderella Missing a Glass Slipper?


Katie Holmes can now wear heels this height

Does anyone else build their outfit from the shoes up? With a wedding dress, in most cases this might seem pointless as the shoes won’t be visible under acreages of tulle and satin sinking to the floor.

But as any shoe freak will agree – that really isn’t the point. When you’re wearing kickass shoes, you move and stand differently (as any chiropractor will warn against). In an interview, Sarah Jessica Parker once said she put heels on for head and shoulder shots and that snippet of info has stayed with me for years.

Oh – and when you’re 5ft 2” marrying someone who’s a foot taller than you, a four-inch heel is going to help place you higher than your partner’s stomach in pics.

My photographer friend tells me there has been an increase over the last few years of brides getting the photographer to take shots of their heels. Naturally, these babies ain’t from the Primark end of the market – they tend to be Manolo Blahnik’s with the label prominently on display. Ooh, a girl can dream…

Anyway, I’ve attached a pic of my favourite shoes (I talk to them occasionally) and some sites where you can find cut-price designer shoes:


The gorgeous girliness of wedding planning!

My name is Emma and I’m getting married next year.

Apparently, the average UK wedding weighs in at just over £14,000 – so are weddings only for the wealthy? Does anyone really need favours? Or pipers or printed invites or make up trials, garters, special underwear and a £500+ cake?*

Now, I can think of plenty of ways to better spend £14,000 plus (which is not to say that financial common sense comes naturally to me; in the quest for the perfect complexion I have six bottles of foundation in my house). My budget is £7,000 and over the next few months I’d like to share with you (and invite you to share with me), my ideas for a wedding which might be cheap, but which won’t look it. Along the way, I’ll probably meander off topic and include musings on food, the bridal industry, shoes, diet & fitness and skincare.

*I don’t condemn you if you do. There sure is a lot of powerful marketing around the bridal industry and it’s a strong woman (or man?) who doesn’t get sucked into that quicksand of spiralling costs.

**Subject to change on a weekly basis. And £14,000 – that’s a flippin’ lot of skincare (or whatever else floats your boat).