Face the same, but weight lighter!

I did the Facelift Diet (eating salmon and veg and very little else!) for the three days and I’ll post the photographic results once I find a better camera. As I don’t have a particularly great camera at the mo, it’s probably hard to tell if I’m wrinkle-free or not.

Confession time! There’s a certain carbonated, caffeinated soft drink that I like A LOT… * And I couldn’t give it up for the duration of my three-day scientific experiment so maybe if I had, I’d be staring in the mirror right now and a 20-year-old me would be looking back!

I don’t think I look particularly different, but I did enjoy feeling very energetic while eating this way and I lost 2-and-a-half pounds, joy. And now I’ve got a hen party to go to (my friend is being very old school and having her hen party two days before she gets married) and a tight dress to fit into, so thanks Facelift Diet…



*I’ve worked out I spend in the region of £30 a week on this particular product. Insane.