The Book Store

book shelf with books by Emma BairdHello and welcome to my book store. Thank you for dropping by. Here, you can buy my books directly from me, so I don’t pay on sales through Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books and all…

The downside is that then book sales do nothing to move you up sales rankings (so affecting the visibility of your books), but you get to side-step the tech giants and I get to love you for paying more of what the book is actually worth. (TBH, any author will tell you the individual book price nowhere near reflects how much work goes into it. But hey, Amazon taught people to expect cheap or free books are the norm.)


cover picture of Highland Fling

Anyway, if you want to buy my romcom Highland Fling, you can find it here:

The Girl Who Swapped by Emma Baird

For The Girl Who Swapped (chick lit with a twist), it’s here:

the cover of the novel Artists Town

Artists Town – my coming of age tale set in the 1990s:

Ten Little Stars by Emma Baird

And Ten Little Starts, a short story collection:

I can’t sell The Diabetes Diet directly as it’s enrolled in the Kindle Select programme, but that might change in the future.