My favourite writing tools

3d render of a woman writing

Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that you can use for copy editing. Is it cheating to use AI this way? Nope, because you still need to come up with the story, the characters, and the setting in the first place and I’m picky about what changes it recommends that I accept.

Bookbrush is an image editing tool that helps create professional-looking, social media graphics for your books, many of which I have used on this site. While it is similar to Canva, it is focused purely on authors. It lacks Canva’s sophistication, but creating images takes seconds.

Word is what I use to write. I tried Scrivener, but didn’t find it the amazing, game-changing tool other authors promised. Make good use of the navigation pane in Word and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for in Word, even in a long document like a novel.

Draft2Digital is an e-book retailer but it also comes with a free e-book creation tools, which allows customisation and creates a lovely-looking, or pdf file of your novel.

Fictionary is story editing software that can let you see at a glance if the ‘beats’ of your story fall in the right place, i.e. does the inciting incident happen soon enough for the reader not to wonder what the point of the story is, and helps you check through every scene to ensure they are not surplus to requirements.

Do you use any of these tools and are there any others you find invaluable?